2015-2016 Students

Students with a common description are working as a team, and maintain individual blogs.

Sosie https://goo.gl/OuoZKv
A series of Sosia Almasian’s photo essays on the underprivileged in the Capital Region, in collaboration with Sun Paik’s profiles and personal essays, and Tessa Bloomer’s interviews and social media integration.
Tessa https://goo.gl/7NMA2x
Sun https://goo.gl/Hpp0cL
Sasha http://goo.gl/kcF2fY Revitalizing an outdoor student space using environmental psychology research, designed for the students by the students.
Samantha http://goo.gl/fOoGJ9
Producing electronic music and playing it live at Emma Willard events.
Chandra http://goo.gl/5VEl4z
Katey http://goo.gl/T1JANC Writing, editing, and publishing several short stories.
Katie https://goo.gl/NyG6GE Economic forecasting for growing a small, Fair Trade, women-run, Capital Region business.
Charlotte http://goo.gl/kq21L6 Self-study of the ancient Near Eastern language, Akkadian, as well as completing and publishing a paper on a Mesopotamian religion as considered through ancient prayer texts.
Claire http://goo.gl/OHRkpQ Creating a autobiographical video about a ballerina choreographing a contemporary piece in collaboration with Olivia Baker.
Katherine http://goo.gl/3onlq8 Developing a club on campus to decrease the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.
Olivia http://goo.gl/P5QuDF An exploration of the reciprocal relationship between movement and the mind/brain through dance.
Bee http://goo.gl/ovssuG Studying how stigma, related to mental illness, has affected psychiatric treatment, by using the New York State Museum collection of suitcases from the Willard Asylum.
Melissa https://goo.gl/vVLvVM Developing web simulations for physics class by using GeoGebra.
Mary http://goo.gl/AA12kb Studying the effect of classic economics literature on the modern business world by literature research, and managing a guest speaker series in an economics class.
Yujin http://goo.gl/dSIIrb An art and marketing project to help fund educational scholarships for girls in Guatemala through the design and sale of fair trade bracelets.
Caroline http://goo.gl/Bdz4Ec An experience in journalism, in partnership with the Times Union, The University at Albany and Northeast Public Radio.
Bella http://goo.gl/AeiocI
Designing and coding an app (Emma Tower) for Emma Willard students, to make living easier, including such functions as: lost and found, signing in and out of campus, and tracking laundry etiquette.
Nana http://goo.gl/5IpTAk
Alice http://goo.gl/is5IH4 Finding a way to improve “The Happy Light” (full spectrum lamp) by using other human senses.
Eugene http://goo.gl/7nZ8Il Researching the similarities and differences between chemotaxis of worms and human cancer cells, and considering related cancer treatments.
Karen http://goo.gl/u5wOd8 Studying bacterial pathogens that can exist in food.
Anjuli https://goo.gl/CBQNO7 Translating her grandfather’s 1950s travelogue from Malayalam into English.
Lexie http://goo.gl/0rrr6e Developing an all-girl robotics team for competition, and igniting a passion for engineering in the school community.
Rebecca http://goo.gl/YfYOzr Creating a graphic novel that explores fundamental philosophical questions about scientific theories and religious concepts.
Abbie http://goo.gl/mrlIWt Developing guanosine hydrogels, discovering their large-scale properties, and exploring possible applications.
Emily B. http://goo.gl/pd6oc4 Using a physics cloud chamber to calculate the amount of a radioactive material found in source material.
Esra https://goo.gl/6QKmKD Studying the chemical bonds in thin film deposition, and the properties of materials made in this process.
SoYoung http://goo.gl/UujRW1 Simulating and imaging neuronal activity, in which cAMP and calcium concentrations regulate phosphorylation sites of DARPP-32, controlling dopamine receptor expression.
Hannah http://goo.gl/IT9J37 Creating precise, high resolution DNA nanostructures that can be used to cure disease and for other biological purposes.
Emily M. http://goo.gl/BBRKn8 Characterizing the gene expression in the olfactory system of a transgenic mouse, and relating to diseases of the human brain.
Sherrie https://goo.gl/TZOtUV Experimentally determining the diffusion rate of lead into iron sulfide.
Sam https://goo.gl/CTCtPH Determining if there is a correlation between ice covering in Antarctica and predation on a shelled protist, Pyrgo.
Sarah http://goo.gl/9LfZ4y Designing and coding a web-based game, and other coding experiences.
Phoebe http://goo.gl/nySHgK Shadowing a surgeon and using the acquired knowledge to lead an anatomy and physiology club on campus.
Lucy http://goo.gl/rsqTJx Uncovering the unsung women composers of music history, through presentation and live performance.
Jessica http://goo.gl/B5V60h Making a geologic history of the Emma Willard School stone facades, accessible through a QR coded tour.
Kristina http://goo.gl/ET1Esh Writing, casting, directing, producing and premiering a short film about contemporary young women.
Tea http://goo.gl/B0pSpO Recording, mixing, mastering, and releasing a short jazz album with student musicians.
Soy http://goo.gl/LKnPxx
Illustrating Dr. Karen Gross’s children’s book, Lady Lucy.
Jasmine http://goo.gl/doRLHE
Kaeley https://goo.gl/66tAkz Interning at the Global Institute of Health and Human Rights and learning about grant writing and human rights in the Middle East.
Emma https://goo.gl/iaZNDp Developing logos for clubs and special events on campus.
Lydia http://goo.gl/kEiKch Improving the properties of shape memory alloys in materials engineering.
Sheena https://goo.gl/7cc0Sm Researching the role of mutated myosin genes in the flight muscles of fruit flies, and relating it to the medical treatment of human heart diseases.
Deena http://goo.gl/5PYu1r Researching and designing alternative materials to silicon for more efficient solar panels.
Kimi http://goo.gl/kUvtDh Testing the effects of different variables (like oxygen levels) on the bioluminescence of a bacterium.
Tessa https://goo.gl/MS5Inf Modelling the interactions among water molecules and other chemicals.
Annabelle http://goo.gl/QcloVi Working to prevent the progression of Alzheimer’s disease by using antibodies.