2014-2015 Students

Signature student Project concept
(wording to be finalized)
Maryam Teach online classes about creative writing to students and teachers in Pakistan http://goo.gl/jU6Qnn
Maryam STEM: Evolutionary study of zoo parasites using super computing center at UCSD http://goo.gl/KSH883
Iman STEM: Role of RNA in breast cancer development http://goo.gl/ltL4EE
Stephanie Write, edit and print a copy of first novel http://goo.gl/eaqaHr
Tessa STEM: Computer modeling of water chemistry http://goo.gl/hVkE30
Courtney “Being a Tee-Shirt Wearing Feminist” and running feminism club http://goo.gl/AqR8ve
Parima Helping youths that have been convicted of a crime in Thailand http://goo.gl/rpXkrw
Ying Create an illustrated book of “prose poetry” with Isabelle Doyle http://goo.gl/4MvQre
Fiona Music therapy for children who are ill http://goo.gl/o1UvLc
Dana Consumer psychology  http://goo.gl/c42uF8
Rira STEM: Developing a mouse model system for OCD http://goo.gl/bj0Dl1
Cara Amazon experience – further development and research http://goo.gl/W4ApBL
Isabelle Create an illustrated book of “prose poetry” with Ying Cao http://goo.gl/6IGnzC
Annabelle STEM: Invertebrate ecology in Lake George http://goo.gl/X6YQ1b
Camila Model UN at EWS http://goo.gl/Tk1yNI
Joy STEM: Vitamin D and cancer http://goo.gl/N1Oylm
Erin Phila work and exploration http://goo.gl/fTGGWW
Olivia STEM: Evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria http://goo.gl/Pu7ayj
Ayano Precollege music program at Mannes http://goo.gl/jhsQxv
Susan STEM: Developing sustainable products from fungi http://goo.gl/VwHtD6
Sheena STEM: Developing biofuels with bacterial systems http://goo.gl/E6Tokg
Carolina Fashion in NYC and developing fashion forecasting http://goo.gl/OpwDJR
Deena STEM: Computer modeling for biological systems http://goo.gl/5PYu1r
Samantha STEM: Evolution of predator prey relationships in foramanifera http://goo.gl/CTCtPH
Meaghen STEM: Studying the evolution of first life http://goo.gl/Qo9qSZ
Sam Interior design – spaces on campus – A.C.E. http://goo.gl/V7phgm
Kaeley STEM: Modeling disease epidemiology http://goo.gl/QXRhmL
Emma Economics Practicum http://goo.gl/NkU0pF
Sierra STEAM: DIY movement in downtown Troy http://goo.gl/Nc3EiU
Sherrie STEM: Geochemistry http://goo.gl/PSsDUS
Gabriella Making a scale model of a river lock for local museum http://goo.gl/zRR8aw
Lily Learning the lute and studying its original playing style via art http://goo.gl/iCnp2d
Lauren Coach middle school basketball http://goo.gl/XcwdaF
Sophie Portray the cultural diversity of Troy or Albany through the lens of art history (architecture)  http://goo.gl/NQbyAe