Katie A. STEAM researcher. Studying the structure and function of proteins, and imaging at the molecular level. RPI.
Sasha Renovation an outdoor space for community use. A specially funded project. Second year on project.
Michaela STEAM researcher. Pancreatic disease research. Albany Med.
Alston Podcasting documenting the lives of women of color practicing law.
Molly STEAM researcher. Studying classroom acoustics and creating a proposal to improve learning spaces on campus.
Hannah Investigating the relationship between prostate cancer treatment and quality of life.
Claris Designing and testing an alternative form of a course curriculum.
Rosemarie Training service dogs, supporting service dog programs, and raising money to purchase a service dog for a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder.
Ava Spatial applications of spherical geometry.
Sam Composing, publishing and performing electronic dance music. Second year on project.
Reed Creating a mobile app to connect the Troy, NY community with issues that are important to them, like politics.
Katie F. Providing swimming lessons to disadvantaged children in the Capital District.
Liana Creating a podcast of student musicians from EWS.
Juliette Evoking emotion by composing and performing music and using scientific techniques.
Beverly Studying how bills are passes in the New York State Assembly, and interning in an political office.
Abigale H. Studying the ways in which women and men experience soccer in the NCAA league.
Lydia STEAM researcher. Designing computer software for visualization systems. RPI.
Nicole Creating, publishing and performing short story fiction.
Subin Creating a machine that converts exercise machine work into useable energy.
Irene Studying and testing the efficiency of photovoltaic panels.
Katie J. Creating bracelets designed by North Korean students for fundraising, and supporting a school for these students, located in South Korea. Joint project.
Intisar Designing and making a robotic hand.
Farha Creating a sustainable food garden, making use of recycled water, at a local nonprofit that supports people in need.
Alice Studying the effects of pollution on the health of water animals.
Yoora Researching ways to reduce the emission of specific carcinogens during cooking.
Ella Designing improves medical spaces for patients with dementia. Working with an alum.
Ashley Creating a curriculum for learning about underrepresented cultures. Joint project.
Sooyoung STEAM researcher. Studying the structure and function of neuronal synapses. U Albany. Second year in project.
Nghi STEAM researcher. Investigating thin films and nanostructures. RPI.
Chloé Designing and making prosthetics for cats and dogs.
Heather STEAM researcher. Studying the structure and function of neuronal synapses. U Albany. Second year in project.
Mary Learning about allochromatic minerals, and creating a museum display for EWS.
Emily STEAM researcher. Studying the genetics and physiology of the olfactory system. Second year in project.
Ndidi Studying the effects of sleep on student academic performance and quality of life.
Naomi Creating a political cartoon curriculum for our history courses.
Lily Examining the world of art historical curatorship.
Bella Fundraising and building a women’s health center in Uganda.
Lidia Creating and managing a “pen pal” project between our school and another in Russia.
Molly STEAM researcher. Designing and studying the molecular structure of proteins. RPI.
Nana STEAM researcher. Creating an augmented reality mobile app. 1stPlayable.
Annabelle STEAM researcher. Studying the structure and behavior of molecules. RPI.
Natharee Studying stock investment and creating a stock portfolio.
Abigail V. Creating a French Revolution curriculum for history courses.
Katherine Creating and managing National Alliance for Mental Illness clubs on college and high school campuses. Second year in project.
Kimi STEAM researcher. Creating culturally relevant computer games to teach math concepts. RPI.
Esra Creating a machine that converts exercise machine work into useable energy.
Cara STEAM researcher. Creating and studying unique microbial ecosystems: Winogradsky Columns. RPI.
Caroline STEAM researcher. Making alternative and exotic photovoltaic materials. RPI.
Joy Providing healthy and affordable recipes for a local shelter, preparing the meals, and creating a cookbook.
Tianyi Designing and creating inspiration spaces for practice spaces by using color theory.
Yue Creating a restaurant review blog for the EWS community.