**Signature: STEAM Research student

Name Blog URL Project summary
Katie Inhibiting aggregation of amyloid fibrils at RPI. **
Adayah Hair Revolution: Introducing an improved knowledge of hair care and styles in and around Emma Willard School.
Michaela Breast Cancer Research: Using bioinformatics to identify genes involved in breast cancer tumor development for further study at Albany Medical College. **
Prim Rohingya: Do you remember the Myanmar Displaced People? You should.
Elizabeth Sharing Stories: Where embedded journalism at the Refugee and Immigrant Support Services of Emmaus (RISSE) attempts to improve the lives of refugee children in America.
Catherine Greenhouse Gas and Bugs: Researching methane emission in termites at RPI. **
Claris Loving Learning: Creating a course curriculum at Emma Willard focused on reducing stress and increasing a student’s passion for learning.
Kaili Room for More? Being more efficient in our living spaces with the growing population.
Nana Humans of Emma Willard School: Connecting students, faculty and employees at Emma through interviews, photography ad an installation.
Mary Painting Significant Political Events: Preventing people from repeating past political events through painting and an exhibition.
Jing-Ya (Angel) Nature Lab: Ecology and Botany – Using art, technology and science to complete urban research on the ecology of a Troy, NY community at the Sanctuary for Independent Media. **
Jing-Shan (Amber) Mysteries of Athletes: Lactate and anaerobic threshold at Sage College. **
Molly Diverse Thinking for Refugee and Immigrant Children: Exposure to diversity through books to help boost a child’s confidence.
Irene Material Science: Thin film and electrochemical deposition at RPI. **
Alanna Safe Cooking: Reducing the emission of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and heterocyclic amines (HCA) when cooking to reduce cancer.
Van How Deadly can Pressure Points Be? Conducting experiments to test how pressure points influence the human body.
Chloé How are household animals contributing to CO2 levels and climate
Heather and Ashley Unheard Worlds: Creating an online history and social studies class about underrepresented societies.
Sutton Meditation space renovation and the art of mental tranquility.
Noreen Cell Stress Test: Studying the key parameters of mitochondrial and metabolic function within a cell at the Cancer Research Center. **
Salome MBA: Marketing Branding Advertising – Embracing internship opportunities in schools.
Ann Material Science and Engineering: Thin films and nanostructures at RPI. **
Coco Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Business World: Utilizing AI to enhance business operations and forecasting in several industries at deFacto Global. **
Pawa Redesigning a cafeteria at the Refugee and Immigrant Support Services Emmaus (RISSE) center to help children have a positive feeling toward it.
Ndidi Neurological Differences: Investigating how different neurological conditions develop and how mental health affects the Emma Willard community.
Olivia Culture, Technology, and the Search for Meaning in the 21st Century: Investigating how Generation Z finds meaning in their lives in an increasingly secularized and technology-centered world.
Katie The Lingering Signal that May Cause Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD): Researching how changes in synaptic function affects neuron signaling and the onset of OCD in mice at the University at Albany. **
Stella Painting Inspiration: Using art to provide refugee children an opportunity to feel self worth, success, pride and inspiration.
Kiran Cell Fate in the Vomeronasal Organ: Researching the blocking of BMP signaling by knocking out SMAD 4 and cell differentiation at the University at Albany. **
Grace Investigating how colors, layouts and fonts in clothing advertisements affect the preferences of adolescent girls.
Annabelle Experimentation on mesenchymal stem cells affecting bone tissue regeneration at RPI. **
Natnaree Kawz Project: Business for a Good Cause – Investigating decision making and consumer awareness.
Emma Analyzing Weather Patterns Mathematically: Investigating how to better predict El Niño events.
Jingyi (Nina) I to I (2.0): Devloping a business model for the I to I (glasses that reduce social barries for deaf people) business plan.
Cara Researching X-ray imaging and spectral scanning at RPI. **
Lu (Caroline) The American Dream for Chinese Immigrants: How do Chinese immigrants hold onto their cultural heritage after joining American society?
Joycelyn Data Power: Using data to inspire business donation
Susie Safe Campus for All: Investigating how to make use of nonprofit organizations to eliminate sexual misconduct on college campuses.
Stephanie Food Safety: Testing procedures and audits at the New York Food Lab. **