Thacher Capstone Summit

Thacher is advertising their wonderful capstone program summit. EWS was there last year and will return this summer. Here is more information from the organizers:

Thacher capstone summit

Thacher capstone summit

This year, we are offering an incubator period for educators looking to start new programs. We will share everything we’ve learned to support new programs in charter, public, and independent schools across the country. For schools with existing programs interested in networking, evaluating and enhancing their programs, we’ll continue to create an environment conducive to deep sharing and exploration. It doesn’t matter how many times you attend, there is always something new to learn and share. And the Ojai mountains are here for you!

This summer’s program, including room, board, and all the varied experiences, will cost only $300 as we continue to subsidize the program with funds from our E.E. Ford grant. However, if this fee or the travel costs present an obstacle to your attendance, please be in touch and we’ll find ways to help.

Please visit our website to learn more about our work together and to register for this summer. You can register now and pay later if that helps.

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