Signature Sentences

Our students were recently asked to write a sentence describing their project. Here they are!

Student Descriptive sentence of project
Ahmad, Maryam (STEAM) Developing an online creative writing curriculum for high school girls in Pakistan.
Ahmad, Maryam Using DNA sequence analysis to track the spread of disease in captured birds. ​
Ahmed, Iman ​​Studying the expression of a newly found gene in breast cancer cell lines.
Billow, Stephanie Working to complete a draft of my novel and improving my abilities as a storyteller throughout the process.
Bloomer, Tessa Molecular Simulation Study of Water-Ion Interactions in Aqueous Solutions
Breiner, Courtney De-stigmatizing the word feminist and blogging, discussing, speaking on issues of equality together and with the Emma community.
Budsaratragoon, Parima Focusing on finding the best way to give second chances to convicted teenagers, from the perspectives of Thailand and America.
Cao, Ying & Doyle, Isabelle A collaborative publication of poetic prose and paintings.
Casey, Fiona Documenting the process of composing and recording a solo piano CD.
Choi, Dana Examining the factors affecting consumer decision making
Choi, Rira Developing a software that analyzes the grooming behavior of mice with obsessive-compulsive disorders.
Depan, Cara Working with Dr. Lowman, a pioneer of canopy ecology, to raise money for books for girls in the Amazon rainforest.
Feist, Annabelle The growth and reproduction of Asian Clams, an invasive species to Lake George, in an effort to help control and eliminate the threat to the ecosystems of infected water bodies.
Guerrero, Camila Planning, organizing, and developing the first Model United Nations Conference at Emma Willard School.
Han, Joy (JiHe) The relationship between breast cancer and Vitamin D
Hogan, Erin The community around us: environmental struggles in the Capital Region, the non-profits that seek to help and how Phila makes it happen.
Kibrick, Olivia Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria: Are Our Pets at Risk?
Kitano, Ayano Exploring different aspects of classical music through violin studies at the Mannes School of Music.
Liu, Si Yan (Susan) Growing styrofoam material out of a biodegradable fungus in a cost effective manner at Ecovative Design.
Ma, Shiyan (Sheena) Using biological engineering techniques to manipulate and recombine DNA in order to control protein production and bio-fuel production.
Martins, Carolina An analysis of the impact of fashion in the daily life of an Emma girl.
Mousa, Deena Using data modeling and analysis packages to organize and express large amounts of data.
Sandwick, Samantha The evolution of predation on microscopic organisms in Antarctica.
Sausville, Meaghen Comparing Martian and Earthen clays to study the possibility of extraterrestrial life.
Slate, Sam Redesigning Emma Willard School’s Upper Library into a more inviting, efficient, and fun space that students will want to use.
Stout, Kaeley Studying the biology of maternal transmission of HIV, and the social and analytical results of new treatments and preventative measures for the associated disease.
Sui, Emma Studying behavioral economics and financial management through independent study and the Economics Practicum.
Sukay, Sierra Improving Community Areas: Bioremediation in North Troy
Wang, Dongyi (Sherrie) The effect of time and temperature on the diffusion rate of lead in pyrite and pyrrhotite.
Ward, Gabriella Using the design thinking process to create an interactive model of a canal lock.
Whiteman, Lily Studying the history and music of the Renaissance lute.
Yerry, Lauren Improving my understanding of basketball by coaching and challenging younger players, while also raising money for their program.
Zhong, Sophie An art historical representation of the Capital Region through architecture.

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