Long term projects need planning, and checkpoints along the way toward the final project. Milestones, as we have come to call them, keep students focused on their work, and provide assurance that work is being done and that it is relevant. They also provide opportunities to interact with students, to learn of their plans, and guide them to the final sharing moment. Sometimes students determine that their time is better spent on another aspect of their education, allowing them to stop and refocus their personal energy (Signature is an elective program at EWS).

This year we have a milestone for each month leading up to April, when we have our Signature presentations. Here they are:

2014 – 2015 Milestone Schedule

Milestone 1 – September

  • Publish blog
  • Create guiding goals
  • Identify key product
  • Submit final class schedule for academic year

Milestone 2 – November

  • Meet with Signature manager at lunch for personal feedback on progress so far
  • Complete key product and get approved from Signature manager (Mr. Calos, Ms. Slaughter or  Ms. Archambault)
  • Four blog posts, in total by this date
  • Three mentor meetings, in total by this date

Milestone 3 – December

  • Meet with research librarian to begin annotated bibliography process
  • Two blog posts
  • One mentor meeting



  • Review this Google Doc about annotated bibliographies
  • Send an email to Ms. Archambault before Monday, 8 December 2014 at 4:00 pm that contains the following:
    • Two “good sources” in proper citation format
    • Any challenges that you may be facing finding information
  • Submit Milestone 3 into the Schoology dropbox, as a text file containing:
    • Your name
    • Title of your project
    • One annotated bibliography containing two sources

Milestone 4 – January

  • Complete annotated bibliography and get sources approved by Ms. Archambault. Post in blog.
  • One blog post due (annotated bibliography)
  • One mentor meeting



  • Meet with Ms. Archambault in person before the deadline.
  • Submit Milestone 4 as a blog post
    • Include annotated bibliography containing a total of six sources
    • Write a brief reflection about this research process. (200 words)

Milestone 5 – February

  • Meet with presentation committee for initial planning
  • Two blog posts
  • Two mentor meetings

Milestone 6 – March

  • Submit first draft of presentation
  • One blog post
  • One mentor meeting

Milestone 7 – April

  • Submit final presentation
  • Participate in presentation rehearsal meeting
  • Deliver presentation, beginning Friday, 24 April 2015

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