About Natalie

Our featured Signature student is Natalie C. (’13). Appearing in the current edition of Signature, and on the home screen of this blog, Natalie exemplifies an Emma Willard Signature student, personally and visually.

Before embarking on her Signature project, Natalie loved film, so much so that she invested in a professional grade video camera to create her pieces.  When it came time to select Signature students in the fall of 2013, Natalie was an obvious choice. With previous experience, a clear passion, and a faculty member to work with, she was ready to jump into this capstone program. One of her products was “Consider the Lilies”.

Natalie’s picture speaks to the qualities common to all Signature students: focus, resolve, insight, passion, style. You can see all of that in Natalie’s face and posture, and that is why she is featured in our blog, and we expect more great things from her in the future!

Natalie is featured in the latest edition of Signature, the magazine of EWS. Be sure to read the great article about our program on page sixteen.

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