Signatures This Year

We have an amazing group of students in our program this year, covering virtually every academic department, and a few that do not fit any mold! Our largest contingent is our STEM girls, doing wonderful work in local labs and start-ups. Next we have a few girls traveling to New York City to explore performing and fashion arts. After that we have a fascinating collection of people and projects. All can be found in the “Students” menu link on the home page.

Each student maintains a blog that they post in twice a month, which can be found in the same link above. This is the best place to see what our students are up to, and you can add comments, which they might even respond to!

We keep our projects moving along, toward the ultimate goal of presenting their work in April, by creating milestones for each month. These are deadlines for important parts of their project, spread out over the entire year. For example, they will be creating annotated bibliographies in December and January, to develop the background information for each of their projects.

Each student works with a mentor on campus, and some even have experts off campus. These adults provide support and guidance for students and they work toward creating their Signatures.

Emma Willard has a dedicated group of teachers who manage our Signature students. Jon Calos, Lindsay Slaughter and Katie Archambault read blogs, add comments, and generally make sure that our students are making progress with their amazing experiences.

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